Religious Education

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Religious Education in Action

RE provides opportunities for children and young people to reflect and analyse, to discuss and debate, to explore and discover, and to learn more about the world in which they live. What could be more exciting than being part of this?

At Brunton First School, we believe that RE has a unique part to play in promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children and in helping them to gain a greater understanding of themselves and a more sympathetic awareness of the needs of others.

Children learn to understand the world and their place in it, know that all members of the school community show respect and tolerance for others and develop their awareness of the culture and beliefs of others. Religious Education contributes dynamically to children’s education by provoking challenging questions about meaning and purpose in life.

Our school follows the Newcastle Standing Advisory Council for RE curriculum. As children progress through the school, they learn to listen to and talk about stories. Use their imagination and curiosity to develop their appreciation of and wonder of the world in which they live. They develop basic subject-specific vocabulary. They raise questions and begin to express their own views in response to their learning and ideas. As their knowledge and understanding develops, they are encouraged to be curious and to ask increasingly challenging questions. Children learn to express their own ideas and responses, identifying relevant information, selecting examples and giving reasons to support their ideas and view.

At Brunton, we take great care to ensure our children learn to respect and understand people of all faiths and those of no religious belief. We firmly believe that by welcoming visitors to our school and taking children to places of worship not only brings the subject to life but also gives our children the opportunity to ask questions and see for themselves.

  • Miss Holliday

    RE Subject Lead