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Music in Action

Year 1 made their own sound effects for a spooky picture!

Year 4 created their own backing tracks using garage band, and then rapped the Gruffalo along to it!

  • Miss Robertson

    Music subject lead

  • Mrs Bamber

    Music subject lead

Our music lessons cover the four main aspects of music; performance, composition, notation, and listening to music and history of music. Teaching in all four areas ensures that the children learn a variety of skills, which are built on and developed as they move up through the school. We pride ourselves in giving the children plenty of opportunities to perform for others. Children in all year groups are taught how to play tuned instruments, including the glockenspiel and the recorder, and here they develop their reading and recording of music. They learn how they can change sounds for effect and how to compose their own pieces with focus on pitch, volume and tempo. Furthermore, the children listen to a range of music and are then given the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings.

We work very closely with Newcastle Music Service and therefore each week, children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 take part in singing sessions. In Key Stage 2, all children learn to play African drums and Bamboo Tamboo, and then perform for the rest of the school. They also have the opportunity to learn guitar, violin or keyboard in school at a group rate.

To celebrate music and further the children’s knowledge of music from different times and cultures, a ‘Composer of the Month’ is now chosen. The Brunton Voices share information about our current musician with their class, and the school listen to and enjoy their musical pieces during assembly times.

Charanga music online log ins:

username: p914996
password: march
Year 1
username: p914759
password: space


Year 2
username: p914665
password: chant
Year 3
username: p914725 
password: laser


Year 4
username: p914919
password: trill