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Technology is everywhere in our world and can impact how we live, work, play and most importantly- learn.
Computing in Action 

At Brunton we use the National Curriculum to guide our Computing planning across the key stages. We teach Computing as a discrete subject and the children are also provided with opportunities to apply these skills across the curriculum.

We focus on three areas within Computing: Computer science, Digital Literacy (E-safety) and Information Technology. The children also learn about E-safety within our PSHE lessons, where we teach the importance of using technology safely and respectfully and discuss strategies that we can use to do so.

In each classroom you will find a set of E-safety class promises that the children have agreed upon, reminding everyone to use technology in a safe and thoughtful manner.

Our staff and children embrace and enjoy technology and have a secure understanding of how to keep happy and safe whilst using it. From coding, to collaborating, our aim is that technology empowers our children to be creative and innovative in their learning. We welcome Computing as a means of successfully preparing our children for their future.

We ensure that our technology is fun and exciting by keeping our resources fresh and current, giving computing a meaningful context that the children feel enthused to access at home too. Our resources include smartboards in each classroom, ipads, a computer suite with 30 touch-screen desktops, Beebots and Bluebots.

We have a group of school representatives from Year 3 and Year 4 called Digital Leaders, who are our Computing experts. 

  • Miss Beston

    Computing Subject Lead

  • Mr Sumby

    Computing subject lead