Chatterbox is held every Thursday morning in Brunton First School, Studio during term time, from 9am to 10am. It is a regular 'early morning' weekly informal meeting where parents and carers gather for a friendly chat, and a chance to share a coffee or tea in the comfort of the school building instead of the playground.

Fairtrade tea & coffee with biscuits are served free of charge, courtesy of the ARK in the PARK project. Toys are available for toddlers but as this is primarily for grown ups, you will be very welcomed whether you bring a child or not, or if you have children at school or not.

Please come along on any Thursday... some 'regulars' will be available to meet you. Chatterbox has been “going on” since the school opened in 2009, and it’s a good and lasting way to make friends and meet other people who have the school at heart.

Please Contact: Ruth Hewett 0191 2170367 for more details.